One of the things we like to do most is enjoy the benefits of smokable hemp flower.  But growing it at a premium level for high quality smoking flower takes a lot more work and love than most farmers are willing to put forth.  At 520 Hemp, we know good bud and we stress the importance of proper cultivation, drying and curing.  What we don’t stress about is how to make more money selling inferior flower.  We focus on offering a better product and a more complete line of strains than anyone, and we’ll remain dedicated to our purpose. 

We are strain agnostic, grower centric, and totally focused on our customer experience.  As the smoking flower market develops, customers will find better grades of flower available, but for now it’s a total gamble if what you find is properly cultivated, dried, or cured.  You may find it to smell like grass, hay, sour laundry, or like nothing, and that’s just not acceptable.  Your hemp flower should smell and taste amazing, like a fine herb or boutique strain of cannabis.  Anything less is a signal that the maker is trying to pass along an inferior product and sell you on the hemp hype instead of the real deal.

Accept no substitutes and ask your retailer to stock 520 Hemp.


Will Daugherty, Founder